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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English –Dec. 2021
“Amid a Dream” (夢の途中)

  • 作詞:来生えつ子  Original lyrics by Kisugi Etsuko
  • 作曲:来生たかお  Music by Kisugi Takao
  • 英詞:森島英一  English lyrics by Morishima Hidekazu

This tune was a big hit in 1981 for the singer-songwriter, Mr. Kisugi Takao, and her sister Kisugi Etsuko, and it formed a solid base for them developing their talent in many more pieces of music. Their music was placed as a hybrid between vivid European melodies and undoubtedly Japanese romantic atmosphere. At one point in time in 1980’s, Paul Mauriat, the French musician who acquired fame and popularity in Europe as well as in Japan, undertook the arrangement work on a block of Kisugi’s melodies, and two artists even proceeded to do a collaboration, as in 1984 when Mauriat made a Japan tour, Kisugi joining in some of the concerts as a guest singer. Kisugi also made a collaboration with Gilbert O’Sullivan back in 1984, in the song, “Can’t Think Straight”. The song was later sung and released in U.S. as a duet of O’Sullivan and Peggie Lee. Kisugi and O’Sullivan further made a joint recording in around 1991 of “What a Way (To Show I Love You)” (“Deaete Yokatta” in Japanese title).
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Photos by Toru Morishima