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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English!
“Arigato”Thank You (For Your Love) !

■Please first read my essay below “Musically Yours From Tokyo”
This month’s song, “Arigato – Thank You (For Your Love)”, is titled in the original Japanese, “Ai-wo-Arigato”. This song is sung by several singers (including one duo), released in summer 2016, in memory of the songwriter, the late Hiroyuki Nakagawa who made this beautiful song in addition to a series of hit songs over years, but passed away about 3 years ago. The original song is about the sense of appreciation toward one’s loved one, be it may parents, or spouse or longtime sweetheart. I put a word of appreciation, “Arigato” here and there in between, which may be whispered during interludes.
This particular song is not a difficult one to sing in English, I think, and welcome your posting your own singing to this site.
Good luck!

“Arigato”Thank You (For Your  Love)


  • Composed by Hiroyuki Nakagawa
  • Lyrics by Junko Takahata
  • English lyrics by Hidekazu Morishima

Your brightly-lit smiling face has always cheered up my days,
I’ve never lost faith in tomorrow, and I geared up on my ways.

I want to pick a rose, a rose to stay red for years,
From a field high up the hill, and I’ll give it to you, dear.

I love you, I love you, and I want to hold you so very tight,
So you can feel my heart, and I can feel your soul, this moment in time.

I really thank you for your deep true love, and I’ll be always with you…

 I’ll be with you, my love, like the sun comes up every day.
Whether it’s fine, or it’s a storm, I’d care for you, come what may.

And winter goes, then comes spring, and birds begin to fly an’ sing.
I adore you, and you alone, and the sun comes up shining…

I love you, I love you, and I want to hold you so very tight.
Your tenderness and my eagerness go along day and night.

They’ll melt into one deep true love, an’ we will be together.

I love you, I love you, and I want to hold you so very tight.
Let us share the joy and the pain of life that we both may meet.

I say to you “Arigato” again, for the love you give to me…

      La-la la-la-la la-la-la lah-la-la, “Ai wo Arigato!” (thank you for your love)