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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English –Sept 2018
This month’s song is “ (My Heart Is A) Moon-Lit Sandglass”(the original Japanese title “Tsuki-no Sunadokei”)

The original Japanese title of the song is “月の砂時計” (Tsuki-no Sunadokei), sung by Ms. Kaoru Yamaguchi. The English title I gave is almost a literal translation of this Japanese title. The original song is not really an Enka song (the Japanese song genre, with a particular rhythm and atmosphere reflecting traditional Japanese folk songs), but the original Japanese lyrics are typically reflecting sentiments appearing in many Enka songs, i.e. a woman in a socially subordinate status expresses her mixed feelings toward her loved one – mixed with love and resentment (resentment for the man’s flamboyant and sometimes even unfaithful character). Japanese society has changed a lot these days, with female status remarkably enhanced, but there still is a strong attachment to that old sentiment as an ingredient to the romantic relationship. Perhaps you can get a peek in a corner of old Japanese culture here.