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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English –August 2017
“The Way I Came” (Original – “Kazeno nakano Kuronikuru”)

I ‘d like to present to you this month a song which was fairly recently released with a Japanese title “Kaze-no-nakano Kuronikuru” (which literally means “A Chronicle In The Wind”). I gave English lyrics to this beautiful song, and the title I gave it is “The Way I Came”. The song was written by my good friend, Mr. Yuhei Hanaoka, and the original Japanese lyrics were written by also a good friend of mine, Mr. Kenji Kadoya. Both Mr. Hanaoka and Mr. Kadoya made many hit songs in Japan, and the song was made by the collaboration of this great pair of musicians.

“The way I came”

  • Original song: “Kazeno nakano Kuronikuru”
  • Composed by Yuhei Hanaoka
  • Original lyrics written by Kenji Kadpya
  • English lyrics written by Hidekazu (Morris) Morishima

The way I came, the way I loved and fought, I wrote about it all in my diary.
And about the pride and the delight of having you dearly in my life.
My diary will end somewhere, someday, and fade away all from the memory.
But you may pick it up in the old attic, and start turning pages in the night.

Hear me recite again my chronicle in the wind.
Listen to my song, it may blow away.
This is a song that I want to leave in your mind.
It’s a poem that I wish to give for your day.

The way I came, the way I fought and cried, there are so too many stories to tell.
In the never-ending wars, people fell and died for causes that were never told.
I cried, but strove for the truth and love that once seemed so hard to get.
The white clouds in the sky and the rivers and dells, and you
- I have all here back home.

Let me hold you tight again after so many years.
Let me see your smile, wipe your pearly tears.
This the day we all can sing away.
This is the night we all can kiss an’ dance away.