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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English!
“Shards of a Dream”!

This month’s song is titled “Shards of a Dream”. Its original song was composed by a famous folk singer and songwriter, Mr. Kosetsu Minami, and the Japanese lyrics was written by Ms. Yoko Aki. The song is sung by Kosetsu himself. The flow of vocals and musical notes for the English version is slightly different from the original score (illustrated), but the chord procession is the same as the original, so if you or your accompanyist plays the score as it is, you’d be able to manage the singing alright! I hope you can cope with a somewhat tricky part (right after “throbbing of my heart” phrase). Good luck!
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今月の歌は、<Shards of a Dream> です。 これの元歌は、あの、南こうせつさんが作曲し、阿木燿子さんが作詞、そしてこうせつさんが歌ってらっしゃる「夢一夜」です。 阿木耀子さんが、恐らく、京都の夜、京の女の恋をイメージして作詩されたものと想像しています。 日本の嫋やかにして優美な世界を描いておられますね。 これに南こうせつさんが、見事なメロディーをつけてらっしゃいます。 日本の文化に憧れる外国人を魅了するものと思います。 私は苦心惨憺の上、この歌のイメージと雰囲気を英語で表した積りです。 今回の英語歌詞では、文節の末尾の「rhyme」(韻)を効かすのではなく、文中のキー・フレーズで韻を踏ませ、又、雰囲気作りの為のフレーズも入れ込みました。 英語の題としている、「Shards of a Dream」(夢のかけら)をサビの一番大事なテーマとなる個所に置き、これに呼応させて、二番では、「Scars of a Love」(愛の傷跡)としました。 又、「Sea of Silk」、「Love a man,,,,」のくだりは原曲の表現をいかしたものです。 「Praying to the thousand cranes…」(千羽鶴を折って祈る) は日本情緒のために入れました。 「You left me...」の所と二番の「I’m waiting...」の箇所は、ちょっと難しいと思いますが、トライして下さい。

“Arigato”Thank You (For Your  Love)

“Shards of a Dream”

  • Orig.lyrics by Yoko Aki / Music by Kosetsu Minami
  • English lyrics by Hidekazu Morishima

When you called, I said I would be there for sure,
But my soul deep inside tells me not to do so,
Tearing me between the two of love and guilt to you.

I tried an obi on, and shed it for another,
What I see now on the floor is a sea of silk,
Teardrops fallin’ down on it, glitterin’ like a pearl.

I feel the throbbin’ of my heart, while I’m on my way,
You left me with all memories that have always lingered on,

Oh – shards of a dream –
the dream I shared with you that warm and breezy night years ago, Let us re-live it again…

Love a man, and lose him, is a futile thing to do,
That I knew from before, and I’d tell people too,
Suddenly you came along, and I could not say “no” to you.

I have seen many seasons come again only to go,
We’ve been apart, but your smile is still on my mind,
Praying to the thousand cranes, our day seems to be here.

I feel the throbbin’ of my heart, while I wait for you,
I’m waiting for you in this arbor shaded with the trees,

Oh – scars of a love -
the love that you let fade away and leave a lot of sorrow,
Please you let it turn to joy___