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Let’s sing Japanese songs in English – March 2017 “Rhapsody Now”

This month’s song for you is titled “Rhapsody Now”, and its original is
“Atarashii Rhapsody” (New Rhapsody, literally) written by Mr. Yosui Inoue (both music and lyrics). He sings the song himself.
The original lyrics are aptly written by him, apt to its title, with its free- and high-spirited verses which can almost amount to a starry extravaganza. The music carries similar atmosphere. I hope that I have been able to bring my English verses to somewhere near there. Mr. Inoue uses a lot of English phrases with several rhymes, and I have tried to use those logistic supply.
I hope that somebody can sing this song in such a high-pitched singing style as Mr. Inoue’s. It would then give the song a “cosmic” resonance.

“Rhapsody Now”

  • Original song & lyrics by Yosui Inoue
  • English lyrics by Hidekazu (Morris) Morishima

Eternity –  have you ever lived in eternity?
Galaxy - have you ever been to a galaxy?
I can hear an ol’ melody,
With a blasting harmony,
Sounding like a symphony to me….

Orion - have you spoken to the Orion?
A lion - have you heard a roar of a lion?
I can see studs of jewelry,
Like a stardust of fantasy,
Kaleidoscopic rhapsody to me….

I love you, wishing that you were with me now,
I love you, missing your smiles of an angel,
I love you, kissing you on the photo with me,
I love you, wishing I reach you now…..

Tomorrow – will you come back tomorrow?
No sorrow – will you ever give me no sorrow?
I’ve got a vivid memory,
Of that night’s wild jamboree,
With the stars and a rhapsody to me…..

“I love you”, I say with my eyes tight closed,
“I love you”, I say with all my heart,
“I love you”, I say with my wish upon a star,
“I love you”, I say with my arms wide open,

I love you, kissing you on the photo with me,
I love you, wishing I reach you now…….